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Master Key Systems / Master Suite Systems in St. Louis, Missouri

A Master Key System (also known as a Master Suite System) is the perfect solution for schools, apartment buildings, colleges, offices, and flats. It just makes sense! 

 In simplest terms, it's a high security bespoke lock system wherein one Master Key functions to open ALL the accessible doors. A custom lock system, wherein we work with you  to design a lock & key system to fit your specific requirements.

We would like to give you an example of how our Master Key or Master Suite Systems work.

In a serviced office with lots of companies sharing the same building, each tenant needs a key to their own office, right? 

 However,  the landlord doesn't necessarily want to keep a set of keys,  to open each,  and every individual office door.  We can help downsize that keyring. 

This is where we can help!

  • The landlord gives us the information on who needs access, and to where  
  • We then design and install a Master Suite system to meet the specified requirements
  • Each tenant will be given their own key which only provides them access to the areas required (such as the entry door, along with their own individual apartment door within the building).
  • The landlord would have the "MasterKey",  which can open All the doors, and he/she has full autonomy over the system.
  • The #1 main benefit of a Master Key system is, (in referring back to the above stated example) the apartment tenants CANNOT have extra keys cut without the landlords permission.  The keys are only registered with us and the manufacturer.
  • To find out if a Master Suite system would be right for your premises,   for any other questions concerning Master Key Systems, or to set up     an appointment,  please call us.